White Cake and Cookie Evaluation

A 12-month shelf life study evaluated the oxidative stability, application review and texture analysis of high oleic soybean, high oleic canola, conventional soybean, canola, partially hydrogenated and palm bakery shortenings.

High oleic soybean shortening showed the least amount of change in texture compared to alternatives, including partially hydrogenated oil.

See the difference for yourself! Hear from oils expert Frank Flider and Stratas Foods Certified Master Baker Mitch Riavez on the results of the bakery functionality tests.

2019_QUA Charts_Shortening FA Composition_Web_V2

White Cake Application

Finished white cakes made with various high-stability oils were measured for dome-peak and edge height as well as dome-peak height to edge ratio.

Cakes made with high oleic soybean shortening were most similar to cakes made with partially hydrogenated shortening.

The cakes made with conventional soybean and palm shortening showed the most difference in dome-peak to edge ratio from the partially hydrogenated shortening.

Sugar Cookies Application

A cookie application test compared baked sugar cookies made with high-stability shortenings. The results showed all shortenings produced a similar product to partially hydrogenated oil in cookie spread, height and weight.

The biggest differences were seen with high oleic canola, conventional soybean and palm bakery shortenings, which produced shorter cookies than partially hydrogenated oil.

2019_QUA Charts_Cookie Average Height_Web_V1

The results for spread, height and weight were obtained by randomly selecting six cookies from each time interval and averaging the measurements. All shortening achieved similar results to partially hydrogenated oil.

Cookies made with high oleic soybean and conventional soybean shortenings had a more tender mouthfeel.

2019_QUA Charts_Cookie Average Spread_Web_V1

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