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Image of French fries cooking in high oleic soybean oil in an electric fryer.

High Stability Fats & Oils

High Stability Fats & Oils

The soybean industry is championing innovative new high stability oils and processes to produce healthier soybean oils, while continuing a dialogue with food companies about the evolving needs of consumers.
Image of chef cooking vegetable stir-fry with high oleic soybean oil.

High Oleic Soybean Oil

High oleic soybean oil extends shelf life and offers among the longest fry life of any edible oil. Learn about its benefits for food manufacturers, foodservice operators and the health conscious.
Image of interesterified high oleic soybean shortening surrounded by pastries and cookies.

Processing Solutions

Soybean oil processing methods are available to replace partially hydrogenated oil and eliminate trans fats from your products.
Image of food scientist pouring high oleic soybean oil into a beaker.


High oleic soybean oil was a top performer in 2015 functionality and sensory tests, which compared the performance and flavor profile of many commercially available high stability oils.
Image of hand holding measuring cup of high oleic soybean oil.


High oleic soybean oil received high marks from those who have tested the oil. Hear what they have to say.
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