Soybean Oil Innovations Toolkit

Functionality and Sensory Testing

French Fry Evaluation

Soybean oils are versatile and offer solutions for a wide array of applications, including margarine and shortenings. The oils are also a common ingredient in mayonnaise, salad dressings, frozen foods and commercially baked goods. Most vegetable oil is actually 100 percent soybean oil that is grown in the United States.

High oleic soybean oil is a high stability oil which brings the food industry a solution with enhanced functionality. The oil allows companies to meet consumer demands for improved nutrition profiles, while providing superior performance and higher stability. The improved stability of the oil leads to decreased waste, lower operational costs and improved flavor.

High oleic soybean oil was a top performer in 2015 functionality and sensory tests conducted by QUALISOY. The tests compared the performance and flavor profile of high oleic soybean oil and other commercially available high stability oils. High oleic soybean oil demonstrated extended fry life and ranked high on overall likeability during sensory evaluation.

Coming Soon

QUALISOY is dedicated to providing the industry with information on the latest oil traits. Stay tuned for additional testing results for projects currently underway, including structural functionality testing using interesterified soybean oil in cakes, cookies and icings. 

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