Soybean Oil Innovations Toolkit

Functionality and Sensory Testing

High Stability Oils & Shortenings Functionality Testing

Functionality and sensory tests conducted by QUALISOY, in collaboration with Stratas Foods LLC, compared high oleic soybean oil with partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) as well as commercially available conventional and high oleic oils in various application and sensory tests.

High oleic soybean oil is a high stability oil which brings the food industry a PHO solution with enhanced functionality. The oil allows companies to meet consumer demands for improved nutrition profiles, while providing superior performance and higher stability. The improved stability of the oil leads to decreased waste, lower operational costs and improved flavor.
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Its top performance, along with competitive cost and availability, proved that high oleic soybean oil is the high stability oil of the future.

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QUALISOY is dedicated to providing the industry with information on the latest oil traits. Stay tuned for additional testing results for projects currently underway.