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Image of food scientist pouring high oleic soybean oil into a beaker.

Oil Innovations

Oil Innovations

Advances in soybean oil technology employs a variety of processing methods, breeding techniques and new soybean traits. The entire soybean industry stands behind and is excited about the future of soybean oil innovations.

Future Soybean Traits

Discover new and beneficial enhanced soybean traits on the horizon. Learn more about the first increased omega-3 soybean in development, a land-based source of the beneficial fatty acids found in fish.
An image of a farmer in a soybean farm.

Farmer Commitment

Hear why U.S. soybean farmers are excited about the latest innovations and technologies that continue to drive the industry forward.
Image of a hand pouring high oleic soybean oil into a beaker.

Soybean Innovations

Learn how the industry advances soybean oil technologies to improve functionality, performance and product nutrition, including conventional agriculture practices and biotechnology.
Soybean Trait Enhancement Pipeline