The Great American Restaurant Relaunch

Rebooting your fryer with soy solutions.

U.S. Soy farmers are committed to providing a secure food supply and supporting restaurants as they overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus. You’ve been there for us – putting U.S. grown soy products to good use – and now we are here for you.

In partnership with Ventura Foods, U.S. Soy has donated sustainably grown soybean oil to restaurants in need as they reopen their doors.

Rebooting a fryer is like restarting a car that has been idle.

It’s important to take the time to do it right, using ingredients you can trust.


Oils Expert
Mount Pleasant, SC

Richard Galloway, QUALISOY consultant, is president of Galloway & Associates, LLC, and consults with domestic and foreign agricultural processing, vegetable oil refining and grain handling industries. Galloway provides insights on market, technical, strategic and business perspectives of crushing, refining and food production to QUALISOY.

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Soybean Oil Performance

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